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සිංහල යතුරු පුවරුව


  • a quantity sufficient to satisfy; "he ate his Fill of potatoes"; "she had heard her Fill of gossip"
  • any material that Fills a space or container; "there was not enough Fill for the trench"
  • plug with a substance; "Fill a cavity"
  • become full; "The pool slowly Filled with water"; "The theater Filled up slowly"
  • make full, also in a metaphorical sense; "Fill a container"; "Fill the child with pride"
  • Fill or meet a want or need
  • Fill to satisfaction; "I am sated"
  • eat until one is sated; "He Filled up on turkey"
  • appoint someone to (a position or a job)
  • assume, as of positions or roles; "She took the job as director of development"
  • occupy the whole of; "The liquid Fills the container"

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