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සිංහල යතුරු පුවරුව


  • the act of moving a load by drawing or pulling
  • a large and hurried swallow; "he finished it at a single gulp"
  • compulsory military service
  • a dose of liquid medicine; "he took a sleeping Draft"
  • a preliminary sketch of a design or picture
  • a regulator for controlling the flow of air in a fireplace
  • the depth of a vessel''s keel below the surface (especially when loaded)
  • preliminary version of a written work
  • a serving of drink (usually alcoholic) drawn from a keg; "they served beer on Draft"
  • a current of air (usually coming into a room or vehicle)
  • a document ordering the payment of money; drawn by one person or bank on another
  • engage somebody to enter the army
  • make a blueprint of
  • draw up an outline or sketch for something; "Draft a speech"

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